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Union Assurance launches self-service app

14 February, 2021

Union Assurance adds another facet to its digital experience with a self-service app – Clicklife to meet the increasing demand for mobility and remote accessibility to policyholders.

The Click Life mobile app is part of an end-to-end digital insurance solution offered by Union Assurance, and now allows consumers to manage and be updated in real-time on their policies including balances, dues, claim status and loan submission.

The Clicklife app allows customers to connect with Union Assurance anywhere, anytime, managing policies, making claims premium payments conveniently, efficiently, and securely.

The Clicklife app goes one step further by enabling consumers to carry out digital policy loan submissions, which previously consumed time and required tedious paperwork.

Rumesh Modarage, Chief Technical Officer stated, “We are disrupting legacy systems to make transactions 100% transparent. Policyholders can now access real-time information on their policy at their fingertips.

Call centres and agents have been the frequent touch point for customers to change, or request policy-related information such as address or contact change, claims submission, loan submission and balance statements.

But now, the app will offer all these services, empowering the customer to have 100% control over their portfolio.”

Lucille Diaz, Chief Marketing Officer of Union Assurance, said, “Union Assurance is leading the digital transformation of Sri Lanka’s life insurance landscape, simplifying the process of buying protection.”