Encyclopedia | Sunday Observer


14 February, 2021

From far your appearance was
That of a common text
Which was far from the truth;
You were an encyclopedia
Yet, devoid of the characteristics
Of that bibliographic genre:
Solemn, grand stately exterior.
Hence, a common-or-garden paper back
Those who hadn’t met you earlier.
Despite this simplicity
What existed within it was
Astonishingly rich and rare.
The writer, translator, teacher,
Journalist, nature lover,
Among many other virtues.
In human domain too you displayed
Similar paradoxical traits,
A case in point being
The mildness of moon and
The warmth and brightness
Of the sun you emanated,
Which blended you into a mixture
Of simplicity, profundity, brilliance
And most of all amiability,
Making thousands to adore, admire
And respect you.
Void your demise created
Is difficult to be filled.
Unassuming intellect !
(Mobile library)
May you attain Nirvana.

Suwandaratna (Library Sc.) Kelaniya University