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‘Friends from books and movies

14 February, 2021

There are many lovable characters in books and many of them are made into movies. Children and even adults never tire of reading or watching them. Today, the Junior Observer features some of them for you to enjoy.To learn more about them you can read the many books that are written about them , Remember, reading is fun and will bring you a lifetime of enjoyment. You could also watch the movies about these interesing characters.


Winnie – the - Pooh

 As we all know Winne-the-Pooh is a firm favourite of millions of children and also adults all over the world. He lives in the Hundred Acre Wood and his creator is A.A.Milne. The illustrator is E.H.Shepard. Christopher Robin , Kanga,Tigger and Eeyore are some of Pooh’s friends. Thre are four Wiinie –the – Pooh books. Winnie-the –Pooh, The House at Pooh Corner, When we were very young and Now we are six.They will tell you all about Pooh and his friends and what they do.





Bambi is loved by all those who read about him or see him on screen because he is a very lovable deer, He was born in a forest and his father is the, ‘Great Prince of the forest’. Bambi lived with his mother and did not know about his father. Them tragically, Bambi’s mother was shot by a hunter and the ‘Great Prince of the forest’, Bambi’s father took bambi to live with him.

Bambi had three great friends, Faline, a beautiful doe,Thumper, a pink nosed rabbit and a skunk named Flower. They had much fun together and shared some dangerous moments too.

Once he grew up Bambi married Faline and they had twin baby deer or fawns. The original story of Bambi was written by



Dumbo, the little elephant is another delightful character. It is a Disney movie with the story line by Hele Aberson and Harold Paul. The story of Dumbo also appears in book form with many different versions.

Dumbo was born to a she elephant who was with a circus. As he had enormous ears he was laughed at by many and this made his mother so angry that she had to be locked up. Dumbo was befriended by a mouse. One fine day Dumbo discovered the amazing fact that because of his enormous ears he could fly. Dear Children, do read Dumbo –you are sure to enjoy it. Reading can be such fun!


Paddington Bear

Paddington Bear was born in Peru in South America. His parents died in a great earthquake . Paddington Bear loved all things British . He made his way to England and reached the great London train station , the Paddington Station. Here he met kindly Mr and Mrs. Brown who had come to Paddington Station to meet their daughter , Judy who was returning home from school. The Browns felt sorry for the tired and dirty bear, especially, after they saw the notice around his neck which said ‘Please look after this bear’. They took Paddington home and the bear from Peru had many adventures living in England. There are many books about Paddington Bear for you to read and share his adventures. Paddington helps out and Paddington Abroad are two of them.

Paddington made his first appearance in the book , A bear called Paddington It was written by Michael Bond in 1958. The first Paddington movie was made in 2014.



The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book was written in 1894 by British author Rudyard Kipling It centres around Mowgli- the - man - cub who is brought up by wolves. Baloo the bear and Bhageera the panther are his great friends while Shere Khan the tiger is thought to be an enemy by Mowgli and friends. They are also not fond of Kaa, a giant snake . Other jungle creatures like monkeys are also in the book. Living in a jungle is indeed exciting and you too will share all the excitement of Mowgli , the man cub when you read this book. There is also The Second Jungle Book in which a mongoose Riki Tiki Tavi is featured.


These are only a few of the millions of interesting books which are out there waiting to be read.It is not for nothing that they say ‘Reading maketh a full man. Books can be the best of friends to have.