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Achievements in my life

14 February, 2021

 Something which has been done successfully with skills is known as an achievement.People have a lot of goals and achievements in their lives.The reason why we should have goals and achievements is that it guides your focus and helps you to lead a good life. We need to work hard and smartly everyday to achieve something. We need to improve our skills too. Being lazy and not studying, not doing homework, getting angry are some of the problems we face.We need to do the work everyday, be kind and always be positive.

Then, we can overcome our problems.

My achievements are passing exams, studying, doing sports and winning those tournaments and being a good child to my parents. I feel very proud and very happy about myself when I achieve something. Therefore, I will try hard, work hard and achieve more in the future.


Hirudya Nirmani Panagoda

Grade 9

Sirimavo Bandaranaike Vidayalaya