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Morning wonder

14 February, 2021

The cocks crow in the morning to wake us. The chirping of the birds and the cawing of the crows was loud. I got up from the bed and opened the window to look out. The sky is still dark. I saw some stars still shining in the sky.

I observed some birds flying happily and I saw that the dew has fallen on many trees and on the grass. I like to see the slowly blooming flowers and some white Idda flowers were smiling I was surprised to see some bats flying in colonies.

The lowing of calves tell us that they are awake in the morning. The fresh air makes me feel fresh. When I was looking at the sky I saw the sun was rising slowly as a ball of fire in the East. I have heard that the Sun gives us vitamin D (before 8 am) through its rays.

Squirrels were squeaking loudly in the direction of the mango tree.

I went to my garden and when I go outside I have to to wear a cap to protect myself from the dew. All my plants were smiling with me this early morning and I spoke to all of them with love and care. The environment is very silent.

Then I picked some flowers. I worshipped the Triple Gem with my Seeya Thaththa. As it is Saturday there is no school. I think the early morning is the best time to study well and I sat at my desk to study. I think the environment is a very beautiful gift from Nature. I was delighted with the wonder of the morning.


S.N. Sasrutha Nayanathul Dias,

Grade 7,

Sussex College ,