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My nature trail journey

14 February, 2021

My nature trail journey started at the border of the Central and Uva provinces. My family walked to the mountain trail. While we walked we heard the sweet chirps of the birds. As we walked without stopping we came across a sambhur and we took some pictures. We were not supposed to bring our car inside the forest as the animals could die or get petrified when it gets polluted.

As we walked, the breeze gave a swift blow on my pale face which caused me to chuckle. We climbed up the highest mountain there. At the top, we saw the clouds beneath us.

As we looked down we saw the small cottages and the countryside. When we walked back we smelled the sweet, unpolluted air. I loved the big fern trees and the innocent animals around there and I just realised that I was walking for five hours continuously! It was a very a congenial journey for me.


By: Kirtimayee Swain

Grade 4I,

Colombo International School