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YWMA to assist women-headed families

14 February, 2021
Fawaza Thaha
Fawaza Thaha

There are thousands of women-headed families in the country predominantly in the Northern and the Eastern Provinces and they need to be provided with livelihood assistance, said the President of the Young Women’s Muslim Association (YWMA), Fawaza Thaha.

She said the outbreak of deadly Coronavirus had severely affected the living standards of low income earning families predominantly those who had been employed on a daily wage basis and women-headed families who have small schooling children.

She said the needs of women-headed families must be addressed immediately and young women from those families must be empowered and must be provided proper self-employment training and financial assistance to launch their own businesses at domestic level.

Thaha said that the YWMA, one of the women empowerment volunteer organisations in Sri Lanka, is extending a helping hand for the women on the brink of despair and those who have been marginalised in society without race, cast, religion and other differences.