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The story of Kisa, the wild blossom

14 February, 2021

Michelle Dilahara, the young actress who gives life to various feminine characters, is an upcoming personality in the tele-screen. Her contribution as a climate activist and as a philanthropist has raised her admiration in public. Her unique career path has achieved numerous awards through the years.

Her contribution to Sudu Andagena Kalu Avidin teledrama telecast on the Rupavahini channel has gained her career validity and credit through her character as Ayoma. The Raigam Tele Award Ceremony 2020 nominated her as the Best Upcoming Actress of the Year for the role of Ayoma in Sudu Andagen Kalu Avidin; that also became the Most Popular Teledrama in Sumathi Tele Awards 2019.


Kisa is the epitome of the young girls in the countryside who aspire and dream to see a world beyond limitations of penury. The realistic depiction by Michelle gives life to the character.

As a consequence, Kisa is an adored persona in the hearts of the viewers. The teledrama Meti Kadulu directed and written by Nimal Rathanayake is an exceptional piece of artistic story based on the struggles the contemporary villagers face despite age. Kisa, who is at the peak of juvenility speaks out about the conflicts, struggles, dilemmas and obstacles that scattered in her unknown and unforeseen path of life.

Director and scriptwriter Nimal Rathnayake has brought an untold saga of rural life in every level through motion pictures. Kisa, the main role of the drama is interlinked with the rest of the characters of the drama and is a direct influence for them. The gut and the young energy of Kisa create turning points in her life while bewildering others. Meti Kadulu exposes a portion of rural life where people are tied to miseries and restricted to the charm and comfort of the outer world which is completely a mystery for them.


Sudu Andagena Kalu Avidin, Can You Hear Me and Meti Kadulu are a trilogy that broadcast on the Rupavahini channel. The trilogy is three different reflections of the poverty-stricken society which highlights and glorifies the efforts and strengths of failed characters.

The poverty-stricken and emotionally frustrated protagonists of award-winning Sudu Andagen Kalu Avidin and Can You Hear Me teledramas are embedded with heroic qualities to inspire and overwhelm the spectators. The positive feedback of the audience towards the trilogy manifested the success of the endeavours of the cast, directors and the crew.


"Drama is more like the interface of the society. It is where the realities of people's lives are brought into one platform. The trilogy of dramas is raising the people high who battle and tame the everyday struggles they encounter. When the suppressed characters of the society and their unspoken conflicts are brought through pieces of art, such as Meti Kadulu, it becomes an inspiration and a motivation for the onlookers to learn how to stand above the life struggles.

“If we could be someone's hero and strength which influence them to raise and believe in themselves in the journey, that is the only fulfillment and satisfaction I look forward to through my contribution as an actress. I'm glad about the positive feedback I received for the trilogy of teledramas. I'm grateful for the opportunity and guidance I received from the directors I work with. My special thanks go to Director Sunil Kostha who directed the two teledramas Sudu Andagena Kalu Avidin and Can You Hear Me and Nimal Rathnayake, the Director of Meti Kadulu Teledrama. I'm also grateful for the support I received from the cast, camera crew and all others I worked with," Michelle said.

Vision and mission

"I have aligned the targets and the ambitions with the work I do. The career, charity work, awareness programs, social service, and philanthropic activities are all synchronised with the future goals I have planned years back. I'm glad the way they reflect through the work I'm doing. I'm proud of the achievements and the appreciations I receive along the way of my journey. Especially, I should mention the Kithul Tree Project to Fight Back Climate Change that I coordinated as a Guest Lecturer.

The event was coordinated by Ministers Ramesh Pathirana, Pavithra Wanniarachchi, Arundhika Fernando, Bandula Gunawardena, Dr. Nimal Warnakulasooriya, Dr. Sumith Wanniarachchi, Dr. Senaka Pilapitiya, Prof. Sirimal Premakumara, Dr. Ravindra Withanarachchi and Dheera Hettiarachchi.

The project aimed to raise awareness on global warming and climate change and how we can contribute to minimising the growing concern through the Kithul tree plantation. The Kithul tree is useful in multiple ways. It could be used in environmentally friendly ways to diminish climate change. As a climate activist, I intend to enhance and expand awareness projects. If it not for the ones who encourage, guide and help me throughout the journey, I wouldn't have come this far," she said.