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The Matter of Love

14 February, 2021

On this earth, love is the most cherished sensation any living being could experience. It is the most valued, expected, shared, and missed sentiment of living beings. Love is a universal language and an infinite subject that has no boundaries and limits.

How broad is the true definition of the word? No one can explain. That much of the value the expression itself holds. Love is a blend of all kinds of divine qualities. If there is love in a place, there is kindness, affection, protection, empathy, care, sympathy, forgiveness, and mutual understanding. This most valued emotion and expression are not bound to human beings only, but also, it is explicit among animals unconditionally.

Love is the greatest emotion shared among living beings. It is the only reason why peace exists in the world. The depth of the word itself makes it explicit how much it is needed on earth. A single act of love could turn anything into a wonderful thing, not only living beings but also non-living things.

Nature is the paradise for every living being. Our lives are unknowingly tangled with nature strongly. The air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, and the shelter to live show how nature unconditionally loves, feeds, and protects us. If it is not for the boundless love from mother nature we wouldn’t have survived on earth.

She is the reason why the earth is a mesmerizing and blissful place to live in. Even a bit of love in return matters to her. It is by the respect and care she receives from us, turns the earth into a beautiful paradise for every living being. Therefore, the single act of love counts more than you and I ever think.

Every living being who has a heartbeat is sensitive to emotions. Even though they are not expressive as one may think, they do express and share emotions in their way. The bond between parent animals and their offspring, siblings, and the ones they grow up with is inexplicably strong. In the animal kingdom, love and affection are unimaginably pure. They are very sensitive beings which would dedicate and sacrifice their lives for the sake of the other without any hesitation.

Today is Valentine’s Day. As humans living in a world where technology dominates most of our lives, human relationships are too handled by technology more than ever before. As a result, the flow of relationships has taken a different shape. The values embedded to love are demeaning as never before.

Unlike in the past, human bonds have become more fragile and short. The word separation has become more empowering than love and affection. The reason is, nowadays humans are unaware and ignorant about the true meaning and value of love. The time has come to talk about separation more than love. It is very pathetic to see how most couples are unsatisfied and frustrated about their partner. Marriage or a bond strongly survives on love. Love is the inclusion of sacrifice, dedication, contribution, mutual understanding, and partnership.

A relationship never survives only on romantic moments spent together. It resists and relies on the partnership that is played by both people. Life is a journey where challenges and obstacles pop up. Turning them into stepping stones is the task of every one of us. One strong bond is more than enough to make one believe in the journey. That bond is something beyond romantic moments. It is a combination of empathy towards one another.

When there is a storm holding one another saves the family that has been built over time, from tearing apart. The essence and true beauty rely on life and love which are interconnected deeply. The journey itself should be cherished as there is no destination for love and affection.