Clear Water Systems introduces 10-litre bottles | Sunday Observer

Clear Water Systems introduces 10-litre bottles

21 February, 2021

Clear Water, a company which provides bottled water to domestic and corporate consumers including major banks, hotels and resorts, has introduced  biodegradable covers to protect its newly introduced  10-litre bottle of water.

“Sometimes it can be tough to handle the massive 19-litre bottle of water,” said Clear Water Director  Chrysantha Fernando. “Our new 10-litre bottles that come in a biodegradable packaging not only ensures that the bottle is clean and safe, but also easier to handle, lift and carry,” he said, adding that senior citizens and housewives would find it easy to  lift and refill the dispenser.

The company plans to provide  a clay water dispenser crafted by local artisans to those who purchase a 10-litre bottle for the first time. 

“Not only would you be supporting local artisans with your purchase, but you’ll also be supporting the government initiative to go plastic-free,” he said. The company also plans to add 10 electric delivery vehicles to its fleet, when the vehicle import ban is lifted, through its sister company Eco Trans Lanka Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, said Fernando.