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Untold cruelty on the voiceless

21 February, 2021

Even though we celebrated 73 years of independence, the voiceless still have no freedom to live in peace as animal abuse is rampant in the country. The Kalutara district is in the spotlight as tragic incidents occur daily, making one wonder how compassion towards fellow creatures has disappeared. This is an eternal battle for the few organisations and animal activists who have dedicated their lives to this humane cause.

Listed below are incidents which will shock the nation.

Around four months ago a heinous crime took place around midnight at the riverside bordering Wettemaheda Junction- Cooray Road in close proximity to the Kani Lanka Hotel, when 15 community dogs with limbs tightly bound were drowned in the Kalu Ganga. Although there are many eyewitnesses to the incident fear prevents them from coming forward to testify publicly.

In another incident near a prominent girls’ school in the area some parents displayed their hatred for the voiceless in the presence of two prominent animal lovers from Kalutara, Dharani Sivam and Jesmin Junkeer volunteered for the daily feeding, medication and overall wellbeing of street dogs in the vicinity. This is carried out with their personal funds and any random donations that flow in. One healthy male pup succumbed to his injuries as a result of repeated torment and abuse.

One shudders at the most recent incident which took place in Maggona where two pregnant animals were found poisoned. The team from ‘Save a Paw’ exhumed the carcases and a vet in the area carried out the post mortem in the presence of Jesmin Junkeer. Now there are repeated threats from the residents to get rid of all litters.

Jesmin Junkeer has opened her home to over 25 strays that she feeds daily, apart from the street feeding program. Dharani Sivam while balancing a full time office job, manages the road feeding on her way to work and on weekends. Any accident victims and tragic cases are taken over by these courageous women, responsible for the medication and vet bills. After the healing process they try to find suitable homes for the injured.

However, it hasn’t always been easy and on many instances they are compelled to take over the animals to be adopted.

Sivam and Junkeer are now running low on funds, compelling them to plea for public support to continue their humane task.

They stress that sterilisation is the key to control the ever growing stray population. They appeal to all Animal Welfare Groups, Activists and supporters to unite to address this problem. Junkeer could be contacted on 0711460853 and Sivam on [email protected]

The lack of Animal Protection laws in the country is the prime cause for all the abuse and suffering. Only when the Animal Welfare Bill is legally passed, could there be peace!

Chummy De Fonseka