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Fresh air

21 February, 2021

Fresh air is very important to us. We can live without food and water for sometime but we cannot live without air even for a few minutes. We cannot see air. It is a mixture of many gases.

Without air our planet would be lifeless. Fresh air is very important for plants and animals too.

Nature provides fresh air to us through plants and animals. So plants and trees help to generate fresh air. In the cities, the air gets mixed with harmful gases from factories and vehicles.The polluted air makes us ill.

We should plant more trees to keep the air fresh.We should not throw waste or garbage everywhere. We should try and keep our surroundings clean.This will help us to live a healthy life.We should protect forests from being cut down. We should all join hands to buld a greener and healthier environment.


Kisan Ransika Amarasinghe

Grade 8

Prince of Wales College