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Chamari Atapattu takes up ‘Big Girls Can’ crusade

21 February, 2021
Chamari Atapattu
Chamari Atapattu

Sri Lanka women’s cricket captain Chamari Atapattu has taken up a campaign to boost the confidence, rights and dignity of young girls who face embarrassment after attaining age.

Atapattu contends that her Movement will help young girl overcome all social barriers and enable them to excel in their chosen fields like sports and other challenging activities.

Atapattu is also a Red Bull athlete and wants to break the stereotypical thinking to inspire millions of young girls prevail in society and follow their dreams through the BIG GIRLS CAN concept especially in sports.

Atapattu herself hails from a conservative village in Kurunegala.

However, her parents recognized both her dream and her talent and gave her the chance and the encouragement she needed to become a world-renowned name in cricket.

“The ultimate goal is to gather inspiring characters, opinion leaders and parents to support this movement and build awareness to guide the young girls to move forward continuously and drive them to become world champions,” said Atapattu.