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Dr. MAFO at your service

21 February, 2021

Today, human health is challenged in the most bizarre ways. The pandemic, the recent catastrophe has attacked and wiped out humans in many cities across the world. Health expenses have gone up while economies are going downhill.

Even though things started to recover, communities still suffer from various kinds of health, physical and psychological conditions. Due to financial burdens, the uncertainty of careers, decline of health, and pandemic restrictions have put barriers in seeking medical attention. As a consequence, people hesitate to step out of the house for medication. Today, the struggle for healthcare is more than ever in history. Charity and donations across the world have supported communities to get back on their feet.

This is a time where medical guidance is immediately needed for everyone but especially for the those who go through difficulties. Charity is an act that changes people’s lives for the better. One good deed from our end is a turning point in someone else’s life.

For the past year, we’ve seen how the doctors, nurses, and all other medical sector facilitators have served the Covid patients even though it is a deadly virus. They sacrificed their comforts, families, health, and time on behalf of the patients. They are the real heroes who are still dedicating every second to save the lives of the unknown.

Dr. Lahiru Prabodha who contributed his precious time in sharing medical knowledge with the Youth Observer, despite his busy schedule, is wholeheartedly dedicated to social service.

Mobile app

He has been doing charity work via social media platforms for many years and has been able to help people by providing medical guidance. After one year of research and findings, he recently launched a mobile health application, Doctor MAFO (Medical Advice Forum Online).

“There are many people who need to seek medical guidance but due to several reasons, they avoid it. I believe that nobody should be deprived of medical assistance for any reason. Because, health is the number one concern in our lives. That is why I took upon myself the task of helping people who cherish their health above everything.

“At first, I launched advice platforms on Facebook and YouTube. This enabled me to educate many people at the same time. Other than helping people, I could clear misconceptions related to health issues, medications, and treatment. The reason why I introduced the concept of mobile application was due to the obstacles I was facing on social media platforms.

“After the revelation I made about the dark side of whitening creams, my social media platforms were subjected to restrictions by a particular party as they weren’t happy that I was revealing the truth. At this point, I had much difficulty in providing medical advice and help through social media platforms. This is why I launched a mobile application,” he said.

The Doctor outlined the entire mechanism and how he developed the application. “There are five main contents in the Doctor MAFO app. The first is the Chat Room. Any user can create an account by inserting basic information and log into the chat room and discuss their medical issue.


“I will be available online to assist the patient. The service is entirely free of charge. The patients also have the opportunity to leave their medical concerns through a text message and consult later.

“The next important feature of the app is the Medical Library. Any person could gain access to the medical library even if they are offline. The library contents information about diseases, symptoms and information on medications. The third important feature of the app is the First Aid Management module.

“Most of the patients who come to us with minor injuries have no knowledge about first aid methods and use wrong procedures which ultimately complicates the injury. That is why First Aid Management has been allocated a space in the app.

“The Video Gallery is the fourth feature where users could enjoy watching my medical programs which I have hosted on the Youtube channel. enewspaper is the fifth feature where users gain knowledge while having fun by doing puzzles. One might thing the app will take up much of the capacity of the smartphone.

“The Doctor MAFO is only six MB heavy and it needs only a small capacity of the phone. I recommend that everybody download this app as it is entirely educational and free. I thank everybody who supported and encouraged me to expand the charity work that I’m doing right now. I express my gratitude to Lahiru Sampath, the software developer behind Doctor MAFO and all the consultants who guided me in executing my giant step to success,” Dr. Prabodha said.