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Assault on law student

Produce the police officers involved - BASL

28 February, 2021

In a letter addressed to the Inspector General of Police, President of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka Kalinga Indatissa PC urged the police to produce the officers involved in the assault of a young law student as suspects with immediate effect. Migara Gunaratne, a final year law student, was assaulted by the officers of the SIU of the Peliyagoda police on Thursday (25). “This issue cannot be concluded with a disciplinary inquiry or an interdiction. The action of the police is highly deplorable,” Kalinga said adding there is an increase in such incidents in the recent past.

He also called upon the IGP to consider directing the police to file a B Report initially under Section 136 (1) (a) of the Code of Criminal Procedure Act of 1979 and cause all responsible officers to be produced before Court for purposes of identification.

The police in a media release stated that three constables and an Inspector were interdicted. The Colombo Magistrate has ruled that there was not enough evidence to prove that Migara had obstructed the duties of the police. The Magistrate refused to accept the B-report filed by the police, alleging that the law student had obstructed their duties. Charitha Gunarathne, brother of the victim said, “On February 23, I was instructed by my Senior Counsel to go to the Peliyagoda police station to represent a long-standing client of his. At the police station I was informed that my client was being held in the Special Crimes Unit, and when I went to the SIU, I witnessed my client being intimidated by a person in casual attire. I promptly stepped in and informed that person, who I believed to be a police officer, that this is my client and I am here to represent his interests as an Attorney-at-Law and produced my BASL ID card to verify my credentials.” Gunarathne said he was verbally abused after he called an officer who was in casual attire ‘Sergeant’. He said the Chief Inspector of the police, Linton Silva joined the officer to intimidate him further.