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Magic vs Science

28 February, 2021

Magic versus Science is one of those controversial topics in society. A majority of people believe in science while many disagree about the fact that magic exists. If you closely look into the two topics, Magic and Science are interconnected and also have differences. Practically, science is a subject that many of us go through in our school career, while some also take it into their lives. However, this vast subject too has fields such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and many more.

On the other hand, magic is something one has to believe in. The famous Norwegian author Roald Dhal stated his opinion on Sorcery this way: “Those who don’t believe in magic won’t find it”. Witchcraft is brought to life through cultures, books, movies, myths and legends. Science too is brought into life the same way. Now,that’s a comparison.


The internet explains ‘Magic’ as the power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or super forces. The above definition can be acknowledged as true but it also can be denied. Here it’s correct to use the phrase “mysterious”.

J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them and the Harry Potter saga provides many strong examples. Nevertheless, we can see that witches, warlocks and wizards seem to hide their magical ability no matter what. The TV show Wizards Vs Aliens which was aired on CCBC and Discovery TV provide stronger clues.

Here the definition of magic is false again due to two reasons. The first, necromancy, can’t be labelled ‘Super Natural’ for the reason that magic is mysterious and surreal but not extraordinary. The second is the use of the preposition ‘or’- sometimes, magic can be both mysterious and supernatural.


On the other hand “Science” is defined as “the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of structure plus behaviour of the physical as well as the natural world through observations and experiments.”

It is true that science is “intellectual” which is the ability to think logically about things. Anyway, this amazing subject isn’t practical due it’s branch of Chemistry. Chemistry being the central bridge of science, explains that there are tiny indivisible particles called atoms.

A majority of physicists believe that there are subatomic particles such as electrons, protons and neutrons, orbitals and nuclei. It is clearly seen through this that science itself is some type of magic. If it is impossible to see subatomic particles then this too is imaginary and which is also the same as sorcery most of the time. Imaginations combined with the ideas of the writer or the teller. By this the reader might well see that too is one of the comparisons where magic and science can be the same thing but moves differently.

In the history of Necromancy, Witches and Wizards move towards the present from the ancient past of around 2700 BC where a man named ‘Dedi’ had done conjuring. The past of science too moves towards 440 BC where we find Greek philosophers such as Aristotle and Empedocles. So, both subjects originated in the deep past.

Magicians and creatures

The past also mentions magicians such as Merlin and Morgana Le Fay and creatures such as the Yeti, Dragons, Unicorns and the Phoenix. It also states that there were people such as Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilei, Nicholas Copernicus and many more from the World of Science.

Today, science is stretched beyond its limits, due to the work of science alongside its companion, technology. Together, they have created artificial islands, forests, ponds, lakes which might result in our ending up with nothing but an artificial Earth.

Science has done a great job including several severe side effects such as melting of polar ice caps, constant decrease of oxygen levels, global warming and destruction of the beauty of wildlife and natural landscapes.

Maybe if magic was there it wouldn’t have much of a pessimistic effect as most of the time it’s connected with the use of natural powers like ice, fire, animals, trees, wind, and water. Warlocks treat Mother Nature as a plus point no matter what.

But Magic too has its own pros and cons like Science. Magic may have two sides as black magic and white magic. Black magic might cause trouble as well as harm, while white magic might help in time of danger. Science too has two sides, this huge subject can lead to evil and good. The choice lies in the person.


People of our century have many misunderstandings about sorcery. The majority think that it’s always used for cruelty. Therefore, they tag it as devilry. Devilry defines anything to do with the Devil. We must also remember that magic doesn’t always include negative work. It also has a bright side.

Mishaps occur in science when it’s equalised to the word discipline. The reader must know that science can’t be discipline and neither can discipline be science. Rather, this theory can be explained as that science creates discipline. A person who is involved in scientific work must have static discipline in the field to keep his mind straight. The connections and comparisons of both these topics are interesting in that it could be debated, but evidence is not convincing and some facts are not satisfactory.Today people shouldn’t spend their time in endless debates on these two topics. Time is valuable and can never be brought back. Therefore, the sorcery versus science debate would leave the debaters frustrated, furious and therefore, angry.

Therefore, we must remember that magic vs science has no winner nor a loser. In my words, Necromancy can be defined as “the ability of apparently influencing events by natural forces that are concealed and most of the time abiding with Mother Nature while science is a field where logical and practical knowledge is used to understand the world in a better way.

The field of science and magic has connections as well as comparisons. It must be remembered that this topic is not debated in society. If magic lives, we may see it one day. J.K. Rowling once stated that “It’s important to remember that we all have magic inside us” ……