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Teacher Online

28 February, 2021

“Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Any answer… Please speak up”
A long pause …
Dead silence!
I wonder how my class has
changed like never before.
I feel left alone with little interaction.
No hands going up
Like frequent waves in the sea waters.
Where have those enthusiastic
smiles gone,
That made me go on?
Your eyes talked to me,
“Brilliant, exceptional “they convinced me.
I read your heart through
your mirror face.
But now all are hidden
behind the screen
We are far apart;
between the two poles.
I’m weak in heart and hand
I think aloud,
My lovely bunch;
you made me the wonderful teacher I was.
Counting days and days,
Until the day I step into my
traditional classroom.

D.S.K. Dharmasena,