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CIC Poultry Farms widens chicken distribution

7 March, 2021

CIC Poultry Farms has widened the distribution of CIC Besto chicken islandwide and is available in three packs.

CEO, CIC Poultry Farms Ltd., AjithWeerasinghe said, “Today chicken is the cheapest available protein for Sri Lankans and CIC chicken is the least human handled product in the country. Our processing plant is a state-of-the-art automated plant equipped with modern technology. We have automated many areas in chicken processing and use advance technology to retain high quality and safety of chicken meat.”

Everything from chicks, chicken feed to broiler chicken is made within the company. Therefore, the company has a high level of traceability, he said.

No producer uses hormones in the production of chicken and it is practically not possible. Therefore, there is no reason to fear consuming CIC chicken. The cost of hormones is higher than chicken meat prices, Weerasinghe said.

As a result of technological improvements and advancement of science, today broiler chicken grows to 2.2 kg in five weeks by consuming 3.5 kg of quality feed. CIC Feeds (Pvt) Ltd has its own feed production facility, breeding farms and hatcheries to produce day-old-broiler chicks.

Broiler production is done under environmentally controlled houses where light, temperature and air flow is regulated. Following all international standards pertaining to food safety, the company has obtained ISO 22000 and HACCP certifications, he said.