Pelwatte Industries forms auxiliary industry to support dairy farming | Sunday Observer

Pelwatte Industries forms auxiliary industry to support dairy farming

7 March, 2021
The preparation of cattle feed.
The preparation of cattle feed.

Pelwatte Dairy Industries (PDI) has extended its support to several women and youth in the locality to set up forage and cattle feed production centres, that is in turn bought by the company and by the registered local dairy farmers to ensure that the cattle receive the food they need all year along, while also supporting an auxiliary industry in the process.

Managing Director of Pelwatte Dairy, Akmal Wickramanayke said, “As a local leader, we believe that the most significant component of our value chain are the farmers and their supportive industries.

It is for this very reason that we, at Pelwatte Dairy Industries, remain heavily invested in working with and uplifting the lives and work of the dairy farmers and those of the supportive industries with an intense focus of raising the socio-economic standards of these poor communities.” By providing supporting services such as training, PDI ensures that they create a quality raw milk supply chain.

This helps the milk procurement personnel to source the highest quality fresh milk. Since PDIL only uses 100% fresh milk in its product range, this ensures the highest standards in every product. The company has been sourcing milk from locals following strict guidelines and testing ensuring its quality and hygiene stays intact. This alone has been the livelihood of over 1,000 families around the area with an assurance that all small-scale farmers and private farms will have a guaranteed buyer in them, and that their products will always be competitively priced, he said.