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Tourism industry stakeholders to be vaccinated

7 March, 2021
Tourism industry stakeholders to be vaccinated
Tourism industry stakeholders to be vaccinated

Tourism industry personnel are to be vaccinated in the coming weeks. Stakeholders of the tourism industry are now being registered. This includes all employees of the safe and secure certified hotels amounting to 12,503 people.

The 2,737 registered tour guides  and 1,816 tourist drivers who play a significant role in the tourism industry will receive the jab. All staff members of the four tourism institutions and the Ministry of Tourism totaling 658 people have been  added to the program. 

With 17,714 people  registering for the vaccination, the revival of the tourism industry is not far long. Over 5,045 tourist arrivals were recorded by February this year, of which nine positive Covid-19 cases were found. Community spread was mitigated with the safety protocols in place and through this initiative not only will it safeguard and protect the tourism industry as a whole, but will bring Sri Lanka one step closer to being the safest country for tourists, a Tourism official said. 

Chairperson, Sri Lanka Tourism, Mrs. Kimarli Fernando said, “The revival of the tourism sector is our primary focus. In doing so, we proposed the special vaccination program, with the support of the tourism and health ministries we will implement the project. We aim to safeguard the stakeholders of the industry and work towards a fairly normal set-up.”

Director General, Sri Lanka Tourism Authority, Ms. Dhammika Wijesinghe said, “Attaining a normalcy of operating like pre-pandemic times and uplifting the industry will have a positive impact on the country’s economy. The safety of our people is important, hence we look forward to working with the respective ministries and the stakeholders to successfully conduct this action.”