OCTOPUS KIDS CRAFT | Sunday Observer


7 March, 2021

Supplies you will need:

Coloured paper or cardboard
White and Black paper or Cardboard
Party Streamers/Coloured paper/Ribbons
(cut into 8 equal strips)
Circular beads or decorative material like circular cereal
Clear glue




1. Draw the shape of an Octopus head onto your coloured paper or carboard with your pencil and cut it out. The shape in which you can cut your Octopus head out of the paper is shown below

2. Cut out two white circles and two smaller black circles and paste them on the head of the Octopus as the eyes (As shown below)

3. Turn your Octopus over and add a line of glue across the bottom of your Octopus. Add four of your streamer pieces along the glue. Make another layer of glue and add your other four streamer pieces.

4. Put dots of glue along the back of the Octopus legs and place the circular beads onto the glue. The circular beads resemble the Octopus suckers. Let the glue dry completely and then you can pick up your Octopus and twirl him around and watch all of his legs wiggle around.

Some octopus facts

The octopus lives in all the oceans. It can be found only in salt water bodies. Octopuses living in warm waters are generally smaller than those living in colder waters which are much larger. Octopuses live for about one - two years. There are about 300 known species of octopus. It has a body like a bag, eight arms and big eyes. Nerves in the arms help this strange creature to taste and grab things The octopus is an invertebrate and like all invertebrates It has no bones in its body . Crabs, lobsters and shrimps are among the food favourites of the octopus.

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