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A kite speaks

28 March, 2021

Hello! I am Mrs. Kite and I am going to tell you a little about my simple life. I was made with sticks and a rainbow coloured sheets of paper. I am flown by little children in the Spring and Mrs Wind posses me.

I see birds fly and aeroplanes zoom away to other countries but they fly higher than I do! Sometimes, I have mistakenly flown away and got stuck in trees. Sometimes, I get damaged but they remake me. I am used to flying high because of the light paper.

The little string is used to hold me or I would fly away.

As you know my ltttle mistress goes often on trips, usually to the beach and they go often because it is near.

She often takes me and flies me there,

I am the happiest kite in the world.

Malsha Lily Herath

Grade 5 C

M/International School