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Badminton still struggling to hold election

4 April, 2021

The deadline to conduct the Annual General Meeting and election of office bearers to all sports bodies has been set for March 31 every year.

Sri Lanka Badminton (SLB) too should have fallen in line with this deadline but up to date they have not adhered to this law set by the Minister of Sports.

SLB has not even thought of calling for nominations to the respective office bearers. Notice of the impending AGM should be sent to all affiliated members 30 days before the date set for the meeting by registered post or electronic mail, as stated by the Sports Law.

Besides, a certified copy of the audited statement of accounts and the annual report is supposed to be given to all affiliated members 30 days before the meeting. None of these things have happened so far according to an official.

He also said that it is illegal for the current office bearers of the association to continue to occupy office.

It has also been noted that the standard of badminton has dropped drastically as shown by the results obtained by Sri Lanka’s junior players in particular. The junior players who went for a foreign tournament before the pandemic began, failed to go past the first round. In previous years, the junior players have won a gold medal and a few silver medals in international tournaments. If this system continues the game is bound to die a natural death according to former players.