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The sudden change

4 April, 2021

Throughout the past weeks, she changed unexpectedly and vastly. I never expected nor had seen such a change especially from her. Her red cheeks had changed to a pale colour, the wide charming smile was completely pulled downwards from the corners of her mouth to become a plain straight line.

She’s the last person who could be anticipated to change, it is indeed very true due in some situations, personalities do take a turn. She was always cheerful and happy. It is very hard for someone of that type to change. They must be subjected to a very powerful force for this kind of change. It was much like an arrow piercing a dove flying in the sky.

Tanya was my friend, my best friend. We were friends since preschool, she lived close to my house from the time her family moved here. In fact, making it easier for me to be her bestie despite the fact of genders. Gender doesn’t matter for friendship.

But as we grew the particles of time spaced us, creating a barrier, yet holding each other together with those unforgettable moments, and memories. Tani used to be a gleeful outgoing, yet calm and simple person. Whenever I was with her it felt like she could make the coldest winter into the best summer.

However, for about the past two weeks, she must have gone through a lot. Soon my best friend faded leaving only a skeletal appearance of her. Although I was very much aware of how she changed, I did not inquire as it could be a burden.

She used to talk with everyone before, but now her talking with other classmates was solemn. All that she did at school these days was sit, look and answer when the teacher asked a question. This odd change in her personality didn’t completely affect my behavioral traits, just that my days did get a bit boring. By this I made a note not to get involved into her problems or rather get myself troubled by her. Other than that my work was normal.

“Thomas, are you free tomorrow?” It was almost last week she asked me.

“Hmm...why? Want to go somewhere?”

“Yes, don’t you feel like going back to the places that we haven’t been for a long time? I mean like visiting our old school, the Old Hamdon’s park where we used to play. What do you say?”

“Sure why not? Let’s go.”

Although I didn’t hesitate to answer her, it was mysterious why she got such an idea. At first even after replying to her I was skeptical, however I couldn’t refuse Tanya’s invitation.

As per her wish both of us paid a visit to the primary school, the old carnival that we rode the merry go round for the first time, and the library that couldn’t keep us quiet even for a second.

At the end of the day both of us were waiting for the bus. I never knew this would be a special moment for both of us, making it the most regretful moment in my life. We all know time can’t bring happiness, what is gone is gone. Time doesn’t stay still. Without a warning the wonderful day ended and I never imagined it would be the turning point of everything.

Later the same week I was walking towards her house when I saw several men carrying furniture from the house. Among the men were Tanya’s elder brother. Of course I was surprised and curious.

“Hi, Thomas,” he greeted me.

“Hey big bro, are you moving? To where? Where’s Tani...”.

“What an amount of questions… Yeah, we are moving to Little Gregory, tired of living in the city, you see we wanted some peace…”

There was dead silence. I forgot where I was going. I thought to myself in anger ‘Why didn’t she even tell me about this? I ain’t going to talk to her for this week.’

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing, I guess I will just get…just get…my…myself to school it’s getting late.”

I walked a long distance, stopped abruptly, turned and sprinted back towards Tanya’s brother. “Hey, But what about Tani? Is she also moving?”

Her brother looked confused but answered casually, “Nope, she will be staying at the women’s hostel… Didn’t she tell you?”

“Oh… Nope… Anyway good luck. Have a bright future”.

I walked down towards the school, with a gloomy face. It would be normal during the morning to see such a face among schoolchildren who dislike school. As I was upset, the day seemed to pass really slowly and I got all my maths mixed up, not to mention I had to stand outside the class with stacks of books on my head, as I was unable to complete my literature homework as Tanya had borrowed my literature book.

However, I noticed that she wasn’t at school that day. ‘Didn’t her brother say that she will be here, maybe she’s arranging her things at the hostel…’ At the end of the day I was cursing her for everything. I thought of proceeding with my initial idea of not talking to her for the whole week.

Nonetheless, over the next two days I was unable to implement my plan Tanya was absent. It was very odd; her absence, I felt lonely. But it was again odd that I felt abnormally unaffected.

It was impossible for boys to get near the Women’s hostel and it about five km away from home. Even though I was patient, it was still unbearable to stay focused. Then at the end of the second day, I made up my mind to cycle to the women’s hostel come what may.

Next morning, I walked down the stairs from my bedroom for breakfast. My parents were having breakfast.

“Good Morning Mom, Dad.”

“Good Morning Son”.

Just then I saw my dad reading the newspaper.

“Anything interesting, Dad”, “Well not much, Rise in flour prices, Nice cartoon mocking government service, a youth committing suicide, some random murder of a man, and also a speech of thePrime minister from last Friday.”

“Hmm… Bread prices will surely go up.”

With breakfast over I headed out shouting, “Mom, I will be home late.” I didn’t wait for her reply, as of course she wouldn’t have me cycling to the hostel. I cycled to school.

The scene at the school was a bit confusing, people were having conversations here and there. Nothing bothered me on seeing Tani’s empty chair. ‘So, she’s not here today, She’s doomed today in the evening. I got to do some serious talking to her’.

After the first lesson a sudden announcement was made “Thomas Richard Clossel please report to the principal’s immediately”. I froze. ‘Have I done something mischievous? Goodness’s why does she need me there?’.

Shocked. I went, on the way I saw a few police vehicles were at the school entrance. I knew something was wrong. At first I thought of running back to hide, but I took courage and walked up to the principal’s door and knocked on it…

To be continued next week