“Midea air-conditioners consume less power” | Sunday Observer

“Midea air-conditioners consume less power”

11 April, 2021

Midea an air treatment company has introduced an air-conditioner that consumes as low as one unit of electricity per night’s sleep for as low as what it costs for a half a pound of bread, says Telesonic, the global giant’s exclusive partner in Sri Lanka.

Dramatically, its revolutionary triple filtration introduces air filtration of a higher grade than an N-95 mask, making Midea Xtreme Save Inverter Air Conditioner the ideal choice in a post-pandemic world, says Arun Mahtani, Managing Director of Telesonic.

As temperatures keep rising, the need for air conditioning is felt more than ever. However, the exorbitant operating cost has kept it beyond the majority until now, says Mahtani who believes in total ownership rather than the initial investment.

The Midea Xtreme Save Inverter Air Conditioner stands out on three core factors, its Gear Shift technology bringing adjustable intelligent cooling while its innovative triple filtration and self-cleaning technology creating healthy buildings with advanced smart technologies and voice command features bringing value beyond performance with Telesonic’s illustrious track record.