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NDB Wealth celebrates Avurudu

11 April, 2021

This year NDB Wealth Management celebrates Avurudu by encouraging a wealth of seasonal joy for its customers. 

“This is the time of the year where you thoughtfully reflect upon the bygones and make definite decisions for your future.  Taking that a step in the right direction, everyone aspires to be able to make the Avurudu season a memorable one for their family and themselves,” said  Vice President of NDB Wealth, Ms. Vindhya Jayasekera. 

“Being able to indulge in all the festive celebrations, the gift buying, the caring and sharing with a new-found peace of mind is a dream come true for all of us.  Financial security and prosperity have become a very integral part of life’s journey. It’s imperative to be prepared to face the changes and challenges of the future,” she said.

NDB Wealth offers wealth plans that will help you prepare for your future by allowing you to benefit and maximise on your returns. The Money Plus Fund is an ideal wealth plan for new beginnings. Currently, the Money Plus Fund yields 5.50% per annum (as at March 25, 2021). Current yield is variable and subject to change. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Investors are advised to read and understand the contents of the Exploratory Memorandum before investing. Among others, investors should consider the fees and charges involved.