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Unique trees of the world

11 April, 2021

The world has never been in dire need of the sustenance of the environment as of today. Common trees and uncommon trees that make up the environment are on the verge of disappearing. With this situation comes thrashing on weather patterns, the changing seasons; delayed rainfall, scorching sun, floods, drought, melting glaciers that affect not only man but the dwindling polar bear. Pause, think and consider. Do your bit to reverse the situation.It is believed that the first tree evolved over 370 billion years ago which was complete with a woody trunk and branches attached to the trunk the same way the modern trees do and a root system. If you are a keen observer, identification will help you recognise the different species of forests rather than trees. Discovery is so fascinating and absorbing to the mind. A systematic approach will reward in the identification of leaves to an extent as to amaze everyone no matter where you are. One can also use fruits for the identification of trees and their bearing. There is also the structure of tree bark that carries out an important function such as transporting nutrients throughout the tree. Leaves play an important part. To put it simply, it is the food factory of the tree. They are the site of photosynthesis which is the process whereby sugars are made by water and carbon dioxide and the energy from sunlight. As for tree reproduction or grow to reproduce are gymnosperms which are the reproductive systems. Pollination too accounts for reproduction. Then there is seed disposal, germination and self-propagation.

Unique trees: A Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir is fast growing tree, Native to North America.

It is highly valued for timber and commercially grown.

The tree was introduced to Britain in 1827 by plant hunter David Douglas in whose honour it is named. It is a tall tree.

Coast Redwood

The Coast Redwood tree in California is the world’s tallest living tree which stands at 370 feet. The location of the tree is kept as a secret to protect the tree.

Dawn Redwood

Dawn Redwood growing only in China, was discovered by chance by a forester in 1941.

Because of its ornamental appearance, it is planted for display, around the world in botanical gardens. It remains critically endangered in the wild.


The world’s largest Banyan tree is in Calcutta’s Botanical Gardens and covers about four acres. Sacred to Hinduism and Buddhism, it is India’s National tree. It is also considered a symbol of eternal life. Sacred to Sri Lankan Buddhist, the tree is held in reverence in temples around the country.


Pecan is the best known tree in the USA. The tree is native to North America. Its nuts are used in confectionery and the famous pecan pie. Tall, spreading, in shades of green, it is a rare beauty.