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A weekly serialised thematically bound trio of fiction by Dilshan Boange

Coffee for One, at the Alcove Table:

11 April, 2021

Part 4

[Continued from last week…]

But the third was the worst. The worst of all for sure! Another campus love interest disaster of this fool’s. She was a dainty, petite fair little thing. Physique wise she didn’t make him look a shorty like the bombshell beauty. The third one was fair, with nice facial features and a super slim body. Now she, was clearly a girl he was good friends with, but had not shown her any romantic intentions. I could tell that by the look on her face.

She began looking more and more surprised and confused as their lunch time date progressed with her spicy paneer burgher and his tandoori chicken burger and her mixed berry smoothie and his hazelnut latte. Yes, I remember what they ordered too. His glorious third date.

Third round

Wanted to write on a napkin ‘good luck for the third round’ and put it by his plate as I watched the girl looking mildly shocked. And yes, I just had to go clear up tables close by. Obviously! Ha ha! And guess what the fair slim petite campus girl said to him? Well, before that, guess what this idiot said to her? I mean the way he approached the whole thing. He asked her what plans she has since they both had sat for their ‘finals’ and they are both awaiting results. What a hell of a romantic way to enter the subject, I thought! And she had this look on her, like ‘what on earth are you trying to get at’? Are you my career guidance counsellor? And this moron then began asking if she has plans of settling down. I actually felt a thump in my chest.

The moron! You want to propose to her? On your first date with her?! I wanted to smack him on the side of his head! Her face then sort of made that look. The ‘oh my god! Here it comes’, look. She was really not comfortable when he got to the point of asking her if she would like to start seeing him and make plans for the future. I honestly couldn’t believe it all. I mean why didn’t she say yes? Since they seem to know each other so well. And obviously she wasn’t spoken for, or she would have told him in a semi-apologetic way that she had someone. Like the way the bombshell beauty did. This was a better researched scenario by him. The bombshell beauty obviously wasn’t that well checked on before bringing her over here.

But this was different. Friends for years, clearly. But she didn’t want to even consider him romantically? That seemed a bit strange to me. Why not, I thought. What did she know about him that made him a guy she wouldn’t want to think of as a future husband? The guy was virtually making a proposal to her. That’s what I felt. But she said she never saw him ‘that way’. Didn’t think of him ‘that way’. Not a person to be married to?


I was seriously confused. The woman didn’t want to do anything with him other than being friends?! Seriously?? That was so weird. Just didn’t make sense how she said she only saw him as a ‘very good friend’.

I always thought if there was such a good close friendship going on with a nice looking guy maybe that is a good bet to see if you can go all the way. I thought the whole point of going to local university in this country is to get a degree certificate for a job and meantime, while that is being printed for three or four or five years of whatever, find a partner to get married to after graduating and start a family of two children, with a house and a car. That is the whole game plan for local university students as far I as can see. So, that dumb cow didn’t want to do that with him even while not having someone else lined up either?? Maybe he wasn’t rich enough for her? Could that be it? I mean he drives over here only occasionally. That is a fact. Maybe it’s his father’s car or mother’s car? Has to be. It’s a decent looking Nissan Sunny. I’ve seen it many times. He drives here in it but not every time. So can’t be his own car. So that must not have been enough for her. She drove over here too. He didn’t bring her here like the bombshell beauty. This was different.

It was arriving separately and meeting here. I couldn’t get a glimpse of her car. She was parked a little outside the view of the main row of widows that gives you a view of the outside, the frontal area with the tables for smokers, and the car park. I was stuck taking someone’s order at the cashier when the two of them eventually walked out. He walked with her outside and walked out of the window frame with her.

And then a little while later walked back by himself in to the frame, and went to his car and drove off. So, her car was parked away from what I could see through the large frontal windows while being at the cashier counter. That was sad. I really wanted to see what kind of car she drove.

[To be continued…]