Navy told to apprehend Indian fishing vessels - Douglas Devananda | Sunday Observer
“Poachers, a threat to livelihood of local fisherfolk”

Navy told to apprehend Indian fishing vessels - Douglas Devananda

25 April, 2021

Minister of Fisheries and Eelam People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) leader Douglas Devananda who is adamant to prevent the infiltration of Indian fishing vessels into Sri Lanka’s territorial waters in the North has directed the Navy to apprehend Indian fishing vessels which remain a constant threat to the livelihood of the local fisherfolk.

Minister Devananda told the Sunday Observer that the livelihood of the Northern fisherfolk which was in dire straits for the past several years due to the battle against terrorism in the North will not be allowed to deteriorate further and all measures would be implemented to revive the fishing industry in the region and in the country, at large.

Minister Devananda said that the festering issue regarding Indian poachers in the country’s territorial waters should be handled at diplomatic levels between the two countries and decisions should be taken in the best interest of safeguarding local fish workers.

“Adverse comments have been made against me over the Indian fishing vessels. Of course, I clearly understand the problems faced by the Northern fishermen due to the Indian poachers.

My Ministry is in contact with the Indian officials regarding this issue. I have even directed the Navy in the North to be vigilant over the Indian fishing vessels entering the Northern waters and apprehend them so that legal action could be instituted against them “, Minister Devananda said.

He added that measures have been taken to develop the fishing harbours in the North which had been neglected for past three decades.