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After we fell movie release date announced for 2021

2 May, 2021

The next After movie is coming soon

The After We Fell release date just got one step closer: the third film in the After movie series has now announced when it will hit theatres.

Per the After Instagram account, After We Fell will first premiere in Italy, Poland, and Sweden with a theatrical release date of September 1, 2021. The dates then move back through September for a couple dozen countries around the world, with a U.S. release date set for October 2021. For parts of Asia, France, Latin America, Netherlands, UAE, and the United Kingdom, date are still to be announced. Dates could also change based on Covid-19 regulations.

After We Fell

If the dates don’t change, After We Fell falls right in line with last year’s After We Collided, which came out last fall. The third movie continues Hessa’s love story from where we left off in the second film, with the pair attempting to repair their relationship from all the drama they experienced in Collided. After We Fell brings a new director to the franchise, Castille Landon, who also directed the fourth movie After Ever Happy.

“For me what was really important is getting Tessa’s experience right, from the perspective of a young woman,” Landon told Teen Vogue earlier this week. “I’m not too far removed from that kind of world myself, and I really related to her. Being able to convey that cinematically was important to me, in a way that didn’t feel gratuitous but also felt very very real-world and not glossing over the messiness of what it is to be a young woman in love with — for lack of a better term — a bad boy.”

And even with the third movie on the horizon, we now know there’s much more to come. As Teen Vogue reported earlier this week, two more After movies are coming to the universe, a prequel focused on Hardin Scott and a sequel about Hardin and Tessa’s children.