State Vesak festival at Nagadeepa unlikely | Sunday Observer

State Vesak festival at Nagadeepa unlikely

10 May, 2021

The State Vesak festival which was scheduled to be held in the historic Nagadeepa islet later this month is expected to be cancelled due to the spread in the Covid-19 pandemic in the North.

Government Agent (GA), Jaffna K. Mahesan has warned people in the region to be cautious about the increase in the number of Covid-19 cases.

He said that from October last year, 1,688 persons were infected with Covid-19 in the Jaffna Peninsula with 21 deaths.

He also said that two villages in the Jaffna Peninsula have been isolated and 2,261 people of 1,475 families living in those areas have been provided with dry rations.

According to the GA, apart from the two centres at Kopay and Kilinochchi to treat Covid-19 patients another centre with 230 beds will be built.

On Friday, Police personnel in protective gear nabbed nearly 70 persons in Jaffna for not wearing face masks.