First Capital records Rs. 2.09 billion PAT for 2020-21 | Sunday Observer

First Capital records Rs. 2.09 billion PAT for 2020-21

5 June, 2021
CEO Dilshan Wirasekara 
CEO Dilshan Wirasekara 

First Capital Holdings PLC recorded a Consolidated Profit after Tax of Rs.  2.09 bn for the financial year 2020-21. The results show significant growth compared to Consolidated Profit after Tax of Rs.  1.07 bn recorded in the previous year. The Total Comprehensive Income recorded for 2020-21 is Rs.  2.01 bn  compared to Rs.  1.04 bn reported in the previous year. 

The Company’s financial position remains strong with total assets of Rs. 36.7 bn and Equity in excess ofRs.  4.8Bn. First Capital is a member of the Janashakthi Group. 

Chairman, First Capital Holdings, Nishan Fernando said, “Our progress during the year is a testament to our strength as a trusted institution with a history of over 35 years.” 

First Capital’s Primary Dealer division contributed Rs. 1.83 bn in Profit after Tax for the year 2020/21, strengthening its position as market leader.

The Company’s Corporate Finance division contributed Profit after Tax of Rs.  265 mn for the financial year. The division mobilised over Rs.  10.5 bn in listed and unlisted debentures during the period. 

The Company’s Wealth Management division recorded a Profit after Tax of Rs.  83 mn for the year, delivering its best financial results to date.  The division showed significant growth in its assets under management from Rs.  26.4 bn ( March 31, 2020) to end at Rs.  45.2 bn as at March 31, 2021.  The Company’s benchmark unit trust, the First Capital Money Market Fund has been the fastest growing fund in its category (Open-Ended Money Market Fund) to surpass Rs.  20 bn in Assets.

The Company’s Stock Brokering division recorded a substantial increase in Profit after Tax of Rs.  75 mn for the year 2020/21.

Director and Chief Executive Officer, First Capital Holdings, Dilshan Wirasekara  said, “This year we have delivered our best financial performance in history. As we embark on a new strategic plan, designed to steer our future growth, we remain optimistic about our ability to deliver value to all our stakeholders.”  

Further reinforcing the Company’s stable financial position, ICRA Ratings upgraded First Capital Holdings PLC to[SL]A with a Stable outlook.  First Capital Holdings PLC declared an interim dividend of Rs.  5 per share amounting to Rs.  506.25 mn for 2020-21 in March 2021.