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Eleven songs to hype up the vibe this summer

12 June, 2021

Stuck at home this summer? Or feeling bored and lonely on a summer’s day? Well nothing to worry about, listen to these 11 summer songs with the volume high in the air. Summer will be summer if it’s inside or outside with these wonderful songs.

1. ‘Uptown Funk’- Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

This disco-pop song from 2014 is a must for the summer’s heat.

Nothing can beat this song’s strong vibe. ‘Uptown Funk’ gives off a funky soul to the listener, making him or her stand straight from the chairs and sing along or dance along to the song. Being the fourth track on Mark’s fourth studio album, it topped the Billboard charts and sold over 6,000,000 copies in the US.

Nevertheless, it won the Record of the year and Best Pop/Duo Group performance at the Grammy’s that year. Not only it was successful as a song, but the collaboration of the artists was a new mix. Bruno’s style and Ronson’s combination was unexpected by many.

According to Bruno Mars the song is for all girls around the world, no matter the age or color, although we see equal love from all sides to the song. “This Hit, that ice cold”, Well, Yeah! I think you will agree.

2. ‘Happy’- Pharrell Williams

Just like the title, it makes everyone happy with no reason. Topping as #1 in 35 countries, counted as one of the best-selling songs of 2014, William’s wrote the song as the soundtrack for ‘Despicable Me 2’.

The appears in a scene where the lead character dances along streets with joy because he has fallen in love. The song’s popularity resulted in Pharrell Williams including it in his second studio album as the lead single. Not only the Audio, but the Music video also has a special effect, it portrays 400 or so people in Los Angeles enjoying life, thereby making it the first-ever 24-hour music video. If you are missing this feel-good anthem, then you are surely missing some good time too.

3. ‘Dynamite’- BTS

Well, Guess what? it needs no talking. Everyone knows that this song got us through a lot from 2020. With its Upbeat feel the song is so good to party, or even just listen to. As the first ever English Song of the Korean Pop Band BTS, ‘Dynamite’ Blew everything like Dynamite.

The song spreads joy to all around the world during the Pandemic. With its repetitive chorus of ‘Dyn-na-na-na, na-na…’ it shook the world by storm. It also helped millions cope through hard times. Winning the team, a handful of awards nationally as well as internationally the song is unforgettable.

The music video influences the seven members in colored clothes, retro like outfits and dancing to the cheerful melody with limitless energy. Confirmed a must listen by critics, this song will make ‘Life as Sweet as Honey’.

4. ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ - Justin Timberlake

The song truly “Goes electric, wavy when I turn it on”. Timberlake’s official song from the animation film ‘Trolls’ will deliver the summer to your doorstep alongside it’s Jazzy and falsetto chorus. From accumulating the Academy Award for the best original song in 2016 to being the Best Selling Song of the year 2016, It brings a cheerful mess into the mood of Summer. The film’s version of the song was supported by Anna Kendrick, and many other voice actors from ‘Trolls’. The Music video was remarkably similar to that of ‘Happy’, with the singer following common places around the city. While listening here all you will do is “Dance, Dance, Dance….” with “no ceiling”.

5. ‘Watermelon Sugar’- Harry Styles

The Unforgettable hit from year 2020 by the amusing Artist. The hit comprises a very catchy chorus that repeats over and over in the song. The song recalls a summer past. Including a signing of Delicious Berries plus an ex-lover. The song was elaborate enough to win Harry his first Grammy win “Best Pop Solo Performance”.

The music video also has the total summer vibe fulfilled to any missing out the Beach in Summer. ‘Watermelon Sugar’ went high enough to climb the US billboard chart at number One. The title can be inspiring as well, ‘Watermelon’ for thirst and ‘Sugar’ for energy, thirst plus energy two things needed in the Summer. It’s Summer and Who’s going to miss out ‘Watermelon Sugar’.

6. ‘Peaches’- Justin Bieber ft. Daniel Caesar and Giveon

Here we have JB with ‘Peaches from Georgia’. Spooning off the collaboration with R&B style singer Daniel Caesar and Giveon. It Mainly focuses towards Georgia, the Peach state. Regarded as an ode to the state, it was released on March 19th 2021. Since the release, this song has topped charts around the world. Although it comprises Georgia the Video deals with Bieber and the collaborators cruising on a Las Vegas Strip. Upon the Official release it became the Canadian singer’s seventh number-one hit on the Billboard Charts. ‘Peaches’ is a colorful pop song that anyone can enjoy during the summer days. Hope that no one misses this hit.

7. ‘Sucker’- Jonas Brothers

The upbeat pop song from 2019, a special comeback from the band from almost six years. It’s simply Unforgettable. ‘Sucker’ refers to the point that their match as a music band plus also as brother’s is an overwhelming match. Initially, the band wanted the song to focus on vocals upon their comeback after a long time. However, the fans fell in love over the whole song. Besides the hit’s Lyrics and Music, the video also is interesting. Portraying the three brothers and their fiancé’s relationship as a family was heartwarming throughout the song. Nevertheless, the location has historic value too, the video took place at Hatfield House, the home of Marquess of Salisbury, where Queen Elizabeth grew up. The piece was able to make stamps in music despite it being their song after six years. The song got them the win as the ‘Best Pop Video’ of the Year on MTV Video Music Awards. The song has conquered the summer vibe, Making the listener dance to it whenever it is played.

8. ‘2002’- Anne Marie

Written by Benny Blanco, Julia Michaels, Ed Sheeran along with the singer herself the song is a love ballad containing summer memo’s in all of the song. The chorus ‘Oops, I got 99 problem’s singing ‘Bye, bye, bye’…’ gives reference to several famous songs such as ‘Baby One More Time’, ‘99 Problems’, ‘Opps! I did it Again’ etc. that were released during the years 1998 and 2004. Anne Marie often mentions that the song takes her back in time, well it’s even true for the viewer. Many listeners of the song comment that it’s hard not to smile when ‘2002’ passes the ears. It’s very much envied that the song is often sung on parties and events, mostly during the summer, making it a very important song. Fun fact: You will be “...taken back to 2002”.

9. ‘Shake It Off’- Taylor Swift

The best advising summer song I would say. Taylor encourages her fan to let go of small problems. Spending Four weeks as #1 on the Billboard charts. It’s simple, and catchy. If you are saddened by a simple mistake, take your time to listen to Swift’s hit, it sure would make an impact on you. This is where you will learn the phrase “Haters gonna hate, I’m just gonna shake”. Due to the songs its was featured on several films like ‘Sing’ (2016) as well as ‘Little Monsters’ (2019). The was able to win awards over Awards consecutively for two years, not forgetting the popular opinion that the Music Video too has a humorous effect. Trouble in summer then you just gotta “Shake It off”

10. ‘Ice Cream’- BlackPink ft. Selena Gomez

Ice cream and Summer, a match made in heaven and surely the girls know it. This 2020 hit marked the first ever collaboration of BlackPink and Selena Gomez. ‘Ice Cream’ is best under the category of bubblegum pop, however despite its genre the catchy lyrics and creative moves of the song have swiped the world. At first the possibility of a music video didn’t seem very feasible due to the ongoing pandemic in the countries of the artist’s, but soon ideas of filming it in two locations and merging it together worked out great for this particular song. Colorful outfits, Aesthetic background it was an eye catching plus different from the normal BlackPink themes. Officially after the release it was mentioned that Ariana Grande has also helped in songwriting, making the collaboration even more exciting. Find a happy corner and go “Ice cream, chillin’, chillin’ this summer.

11. ‘Summer in the City’- Now United

Yeah like the title it would bring summer to the city even if it is the winter. With the precious body movements of the team making it more unique, the song has a complete feel of the summers. As the cover of the Swedish version of the song in Same title, it has better vibe than the original. Let’s move ‘Summer in the city’, we be looking pretty underneath the sunlight”. Yes, true indeed.

Well, turn the volume up and get going for this summer inside the house. Yeah! Let’s get it Summer.