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Tennis looks forward to more action

12 June, 2021

Tennis was one of the sports that was kept alive even during the Covid-19 pandemic days except on days when there was a lockdown around the country.

Iqbal bin Isaack who was re-elected president of the Sri Lanka Tennis Association (SLTA) at their recent AGM said that there will be an array of tournaments to be held when the current travel restrictions are lifted.

“There is a junior Davis Cup tournament coming up in about two weeks time in Malaysia but due to the lockdown imposed even in that country it would not be possible to send a team from here,” said Iqbal.

“We should pick a senior squad of players to start training in about a few weeks time. We will arrange for them to obtain the permits to travel so that they can come for training at the SLTA,” added Iqbal. (TBR)