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World’s Best Grandpa!

12 June, 2021

Grandpa, I look up to you
I look up to you in everything I do
You inspire me in every way
You motivate me to have my say

You’re simply amazing
Gentle loving and kind
You’re one in a billion
I’m so glad that your mine

I love you grandpa, such a lot
You mean the world to me
Thank you, grandpa, so very much
For all the things you do for me

Grandpa, you are wise and brave
Always showing me how to be strong
I look up to the path you paved
Remembering all your words like a song

My wonderful grandpa, it’s your love
That has always been shielding me
Giving me hope to rise above
It’s been steering me, it’s been driving me

I’ve learnt a great deal of lessons from you
That I will take with me wherever I go
You are the biggest blessing in my life
May you live long, with the almighty by your side

How lucky am I to have a grandpa
Whom I really admire, who is very dear
You truly acknowledged me grandpa
I feel like the luckiest granddaughter ever

Today is all about you
So, it’s the perfect time to say
You’re great in every way
I wish you a fantastic day!

Happy 80th Birthday my loving Appa!

Lots of hugs and love from your ever-loving granddaughter
– Rifda.

This is dedicated to my grandpa, former State Minister of Transport, U.L.M. Farook.