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Book launch: “Beyond the third eye” by Champani Devika

18 July, 2021

Paintings are the synonyms of Champani Devika Devaraja whose contribution on the field of painting in the island has been a sine quo non phenomenon which deserves a sincere accolade.

She has so far conducted 19 local and international art exhibitions.

Champani’ s versatility in painting has made her a painter with difference who is one of the most sought after painters by the art lovers of different calibre.

She has obtained her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Kelaniya and her Master’s degree was read at the Beijing’s fine art university, China.

Champani enjoys with an unique style of painting which reflects her scholarly identity in her paintings.

Her paintings represent every aspect of accepted elements in different phenomena of paintings.

Following her retirement as a teacher, she is giving her service in the capacity of a researcher in the centre for research on rebirth at the Nagananda International Buddhist Study Centre, Bollegala, Kelaniya.

Among the books, authored by Champani, “Beyond the third eye” is the seventh, written by her. “ Beyond the third eye” will be launched on the July 19, 2021 at 2.00 pm at the Nagananda International Buddhist Study Centre with the participation of state minister Vidura Wickkramanayaka. The launch will include the lectures, given by senior professor Rev. Iduragare Dammarathana and senior professor Raj Somadeva.

Champani extends an open invitation to the interested parties to attend her book launch.

Come and see the world, hidden among the words. Find solace for a moment with the doctrine. Be seated adhering to health restrictions. Come attired in light colour.