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ECB chief tells cricket boards to live with coronavirus

18 July, 2021
Tom Harrison
Tom Harrison

Tom Harrison, the ECB chief executive, has warned that the time has come for cricket boards around the world to stop concealing their players over the coronavirus syndrome and allow them to get back to normal day to day living while at the same time putting up with health risks.

Speaking at a media briefing ahead of the opening match of the Hundred on July 21, Harrison warned that it was the duty of boards all around the world, and not just in the UK, to take greater heed of the concerns of their players, cricinfo reported.

“We want people feeling good about going out and playing in whatever tournament they’re playing in, whether that’s the Hundred, whether that’s a Test series against India, whether that is county cricket and the RL50,” Harrison said.

“We want people to be feeling like their life is delivering for them, both at home and as professional cricketers, men and women. We don’t want to be closeting players in such a place where they feel like the only role they play in their life is to is to go out and bat and bowl for whatever team they’re playing.”

“I think that’s a bad place for us to be,” Harrison added. “We have to be understanding about what it is to be a responsible employer, to be able to get the best back from players. That’s by treating them like adults, and talking and communicating openly about how we best mitigate the impacts of this ongoing pandemic.”