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Will Yupun’s dream be to his liking?

18 July, 2021
Yupun Abeykoon
Yupun Abeykoon

Once every four years, one global event gathers the best of the best athletes and sports spirits to one spectacular destination. It is considered to be the most competitive, thrilling, exciting, hopeful place on earth. It is none other than Olympics. The most awaited Olympics is about to start up in 2021 amid challenging circumstances in Japan.

An Olympian’s life is exceptional. It is a life full of investments, sacrifice and dedication. The history of the Olympics and Olympian reveals mesmerizing, incredible legacies. Sri Lanka is such a blessed country that has a history written by outstanding sportsmen and women. The history of two medals Sri Lanka earned from past Olympics recalls the outstanding performances of our athletes in the most competitive track and field.

For next month’s Tokyo Olympics Yupun Abeykoon; the 100m sprint sensation will represent Sri Lanka. His feats made his way to the world’s top 50 list with his last performance in the United States. Abeykoon is the first Sri Lankan sprinter since 1996 to compete in the men’s 100 meters at an Olympics. His performance at the Diamond League athletic championship paved the way to secure his position. The records he set altogether earned him the title as the only sprinter to run below 10.20 seconds in the South Asian region.

While sharing his thoughts on social media, Yupun has said, “Being an Olympian was my childhood dream. I’ve been waiting and working hard for this moment over the past sixteen years. It’s been a long journey. Looking back at all those sixteen years there’s been a lot of sacrifices.

“Striving to become an Olympian costs more than what you think. Today for me there is no other pleasure than being an Olympian. I feel as if I have already won. I’m grateful for this moment. I remember the times that I strived to be in the Rio Olympics in 2016. Back in that time, I couldn’t qualify. But while watching the event on TV I was determined to work hard and earn the opportunity that I deserve, that my 16-year dream deserves. I am grateful for the coaches who trained me hard. They are Claudio Licciardello and Maurizio. If not for their teachings I wouldn’t be here speaking about my victories”

The hard work behind a performance of seconds on the hundred-meters running track is beyond the imagination of the spectators sitting on the gallery.

Little we know about the mindset of a winner that spurred him onto incredible heights. Especially an Olympian runner’s energies are so powerful and unique which drives him to reach unerring intensive speeds when it is their time to shine. An Olympian runner is unusually designed to perform in seconds, just like magic, which we always miss the trick.

Hopefully Yupun, the young aspiring Olympian would make his motherland proud again. This young man has already mastered the art of being hundred percent immersed, focused, present in the most challenging moment in his sprinting life. His former and recent records of triumphs have proved his championship.

His willpower and talent on the track have imprinted his identity among the sport’s greatest figures. Let’s hope Yupun, the exceptionally determined sprinter would definitely bring pride, glory and excellence to his motherland one more time. As Sri Lankans we hope our blessing will always make you even stronger, powerful and lead you to glory that you rightfully deserve.