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No One (Chapter 2)

18 July, 2021

(Continued from last week)

Well. Finally, it could be an average day without those haunting feelings. I can hear the sound of mom’s cooking, chirping of birds. But I am still on the bed. Better get a little nap again. As usual.

Mom: Wake up son. You are getting late. Here is your tea.

Me: Mm hm hm.

Getting late? But for what? Maybe it is about 6.00 am. It has been a few years since I stopped having bed tea. And she never brings the tea to me either. Am I still in a dream? This is hard to wake up manually.

Mom: Wake up son. Have this. I am going downstairs.

Finally, I opened my sleepy eyes. Wait. My mom looks so young.

Me: Have you done some facial or something?

Oooh wait. My voice. It sounds weird.

Mom: What?...... Oh honey. You know that I never do things like that. Still sleepy huh. Get up and have this. Be a good boy. C’mon.

Why is she still treating me like a child? I am over 20 now. Anyway, better wash my face first. Why do these walls look so tall? Okay. Oh, my hands. They look tiny. My legs are tiny. Better look in the mirror.

Me: OH MY GOD. What the heck is this.

I am like a 12-year-old boy. My beard has gone. My strong arms. Look, they are so tiny. Ahh that is why Mom said that I am getting late. What has happened. Have I just time travelled? Ah better call Shenu. She might have an idea. Oh. Poor Shenaya I don’t even meet her now. And I don’t even have my own mobile. Maybe I am in Grade 6 or 7. Must find this out. Ah, my books!

Uh, here they are.

Shevon D Silva

Grade 6

Shevon and Shenaya. How original. Anyway something has gone wrong again. However, I have to get ready to go to school.

Mom: Honey, Have you got ready?

Me: Yes mom.

Mom: Come and get your breakfast. Van uncle might have come. Hurry up.

Mom: Ah it is coming. Hurry up son.

Me: Okay. I am going.

Mom: Bye, take care.

Oh c’mon again the school van vibes. Anyway I should be the first person. Yeah I do remember.

School van arrives.

Well the back seats will be more comfortable.

Ah Divon bro the worst senior I have ever found in my school life.

Divon: Why are you here little one?

Me: Well, I am just sitting here.

Divon: That’s what I am also asking. You know who owns these seats.

Oh crap! I forgot. The last seats belonged to senior ones. Shit.

Me: Uh I am sorry.

Devon: Trash out, Little dumb fellow.

In School

Uh, back to school again. It is a bit different. It should be. 10 years back. Fortunately, I am able to remember my class. Look at my crazy classmates. Doing crazy stuff like children. Uh they are children. I am in 2011. Do not do these crazy things. I have to do something to solve the puzzle.

Wow, who is this? Such a pretty girl.

That girl: Good morning students, your teacher is absent today so I came as the relief teacher.

Oh my god I am a 11-year-old little one. Not a boy over 20. I Have to keep my feelings tight. I forget this often.

Weird, But it’s cool that being a 11-year-old physically but actually one who has experience of over 20 years. Anyway it is the end of school.

At home

Oh Dad has gone to work. Mom is here and it looks like she is also preparing to go somewhere.

Mom: Hi honey you came. I am sorry honey I have to go to grand mom’s due to her illness. Is it okay with you to stay alone? Your lunch is ready.

Me: Ah that’s ok mom.

Mom: Aww my little boy has grown up.

(She gives me a kiss)

Mom: Ok honey I am going then. Lock the doors and stay inside.

Me: Okay mom.

Well She has gone. Wanna find some way to get rid of this loop issue. But how. Maybe Shenu has got some idea. Oh gosh but she is not with me. Maybe she has also time travelled. But How could I make a connection with her? Ah I remember her land number but how it is possible to call her as an 11-year-old boy. Her mom doesn’t even know me at this stage. She too may not know me. Hope that she has also time travelled. But if she has time travelled, why didn’t she call me? Anyway I have to call her. But as whom?

Ah. Her father goes to work every day. It should be her and her mother. Ah, she told me that her mother goes to the market every Tuesday. Wow, today is Tuesday. Well let’s make the magical call.

Oh gosh I called twice, why doesn’t she answer? Ugh, I’ll call one more time.

Aaaah. Finally, someone picks the phone.

Me: Hello

There: Hello, who is this?

Mmmm. Little girl is speaking. Hope this is Shenu and she remembers me.

Me: Ah it’s…Shevon.

There: Oh my god. Oh my god. It’s you. SHEVON. I can’t believe my ears. It’s you. What has happened. What has happened to us? Look, I am a 11-year-old girl now. What are we going to do now?

Me: I don’t know darling. I don’t know. I know that we have to do something about this. But in this current situation as a 11-year-old boy, I don’t know what I should do.

She: You know. The moment I realized that I had woken up as an 11-year-old girl... hmm (sigh). I don’t know how I could explain that situation. I have no words. A 11-year-old girl with over 20 years of experiences and memories. But you know. I am strong. I am strong enough to face this. Let’s do this together.

Me: Okay, things are up to you. Any solution?

She: No. But we have to think about something different. Something we missed. Think about the last few hours before we became children.

Me: Ah, I have to think out of the box. Like Elon Musk.

She: What? What did you just say?

Me: What? Nothing.

She: No. No. What did you just say?

Me: Elon musk?

She: No. Before it.

Me: Out of the box?

She: Wow you are a genius baby. You made it.

Me: What? Did I? Ah yes. Always.

She: What?

Me: Ah.. I mean I am a genius.

She: Do you have it with you?

Me: What?

She: Oh god. That box. That box. Actually the half of the box.

Me: Aaaa. That one. I think so. Let me check.

She: Hurry up. My mom may come at any time now.

Me: Ah yeah I got it.

She: I also have it with me. What’s next.

Me: What else? We have to combine these things again. But we have to be more careful than the first time. I think we missed something.

She: Well It sounds good. But how? We can’t meet like this. Like before.

Me: Yeah. Got it. I will make a plan and call you. What will be your next free time?

She: Ah. After 6.30. We have a dinner invitation. I told Mom that I can’t come. So that will be the most suitable time.

Me: Okay. I have a few hours to make a plan.

She: Hope that you will get an idea. Bye darling. Take care. Love you.

Me: Love you too.

Well. My first call to a girl as a 11-year-old boy. Not bad. Anyway, Have to make a plan for tomorrow.

To be continued . . .