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Facebook launches ‘We Think Digital’ in Sri Lanka

12 September, 2021

Facebook has partnered with the Computer Society of Sri Lanka (CSSL) to launch a training program for the Teacher Education Administrative Branch of the Ministry of Education. This is part of Facebook’s ‘We Think Digital’ initiative in Sri Lanka, a holistic approach to upskill people on digital literacy and help them become better digital citizens. 

 Chief Commissioner of Teacher Education, Ministry of Education, E.M.S. Ekanayake attended the virtual launch event.  

A dialogue was organised to discuss digital citizenship and digital safety; panelists included Nalaka Gunawardena, digital media activist and representatives from Facebook, CSSL, Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA), and Sarvodaya Fusion.

The event was attended by lecturers and managers from teacher training colleges and the Ministry of Education’s teacher centers, teachers and professionals interested in digital literacy development. The keynote speech was delivered by Chair of LIRNEasia, Prof. Rohan Samarajiva.   Policy Programs Manager for Facebook in APAC, Geraldine Lim said, “With people spending more time online to stay connected with friends and family throughout the pandemic, it is critical that they are informed of the resources available in creating a safer and more positive online experience.

We are happy to partner with CSSL to help empower the youths of Sri Lanka and develop a generation of responsible digital citizens.”

 Facebook’s recent Global Consumer Survey conducted in partnership with Ipsos Public Affairs shows that 83 percent of people who use Facebook apps have used them to connect more with family and friends since the start of Covid-19. An increasing number of students are using online platforms for their education as well as entertainment.

The curriculum for this program has been designed by CSSL and its partners to train teachers so they can educate students on the digital world, online safety and help them think critically and share thoughtfully online. 

 President of CSSL, Damith Hettihewa said, “Many students do not fully understand the digital space, which makes them vulnerable to real world harm. Our youth are the future of our country and they will shape technology and how we benefit from it.

The CSSL is glad that we were able to come up with this nationally important initiative thanks to the partnership with Facebook, under the ‘Contribute’ pillar of 2021 CSSL strategic plan.”