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Death of domestic aide in Malaysia

Sri Lankan Mission launches probe

19 September, 2021

The authorities have launched a probe into the death of a Sri Lankan female domestic aide who had died under questionable circumstances in Malaysia. The woman had left the country for Malaysia on December 30, 2019 and her death was notified to her relatives on August 24.

Initially, the victim’s employer had told officials in Colombo that the woman had committed suicide but stopped short of providing explicit details raising suspicion among the relatives. The woman’s relatives later lodged a complaint with the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE). The relatives said the victim seemed to be happy with her work and employer and therefore, there was no reason for her to take her life.

SLBFE spokesman Mangala Randeniya said that they were awaiting a report from the Sri Lankan Mission in that country before proceeding further with investigations.

“Officials at the Sri Lankan Mission in Malaysia are in constant contact with the police and other authorities in Malaysia in connection with the woman’s death and are expected to send a report to Colombo soon,” Randeniya said.

The woman’s remains will be repatriated to the country after investigations are completed and a monetary compensation from the State will be considered thereafter, he said.

The 32-year-old woman who has not been identified was a mother of two and a resident of Galhena in Beruwala.

President of the Association for Licensed Foreign Employment Agencies (ALFEA) Farouk Marrikar said he was not aware of such an incident but would probe to ascertain if the woman had gone through a licensed recruiting agency.

He did not elaborate.