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A bad fielding side never won a trophy

19 September, 2021
Fielding that plays a crucial role
Fielding that plays a crucial role

Sri Lanka’s cricket team seems to be improving with better performances in the departments of batting and bowling in ODI cricket and this was how they were able to beat the Proteas in the ODI series on home soil. But it will be a different plight when playing in foreign venues. So the important thing is to keep in mind and apply the basic techniques in these two departments.

However, the important department that needs to be maintained at a high level is in fielding that faces various situations. It is also an essential skill that is becoming more influential as a selection criteria. This is because in a cricket team, whether you’re a bowler or batsman, you have to do your part as a fielder.

A good fielder needs to be agile, have great anticipation and keep practicing skills consistently. It is not something you can slack on, because it could cost you and your team dearly. Part of developing your skills on the field can be done through training your visual and cognitive skills.

This is an aspect where many athletes fail to realize as important. It is simple really, if you can see better, you can field better. This is why vision could be a game changer for cricketers at any level and help them stand out.

Fielding is all about spotting the ball early so that you have enough time to position yourself. That split second advantage can make the difference between being a good and a great fielder.

In tough fielding positions like the covers or slips, the fielder gets only a fraction of a second to spot the ball and react. Physical attributes play a part but spotting the ball early and clearly gives a fielder the advantage.

Whether you are playing under lights, in gloomy conditions or in bright sunlight, improving this skill will ensure that you can keep your eyes on the ball without losing it in the background.

A fielder should also be able to guess in what direction the ball will be hit when he sees the lift of the bat and the footwork of the batsman. This type of anticipation is a great gift cultivated by a fielder with years of experience on the field. If he has developed this gift of anticipation this fielder will be the best in the world to watch.