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Arimac forays into global gaming stage

26 September, 2021

Arimac Digital has launched Nero, a fast-paced, stealth-action game developed end-to-end by Sri Lankan talent at Arimac’s Game Design Studio marking its 10th anniversary with a symbol of powerful innovation.

Nero marks the commencement of its foray into the global stage of gaming, showcasing the immense talent of Sri Lankan game developers. It is the love child of a group of highly driven game developers at Arimac, who spent countless hours conducting extensive research and developing a world-class gaming experience over three years to create a watershed game celebrating the heroism of unsung heroes in Sri Lanka.

Arimac Digital launched its journey 10 years ago in the digital industry, as an up-and-coming innovative tech company. Today, Arimac is spearheading digital solutions for customers around the world and is dominating Asian region markets.

“Our success today is undoubtedly due to the deep commitment, passion, and skill of our employees. None of these achievements would have been a reality if not for the continued and dedicated efforts of our people. As we step into a new decade, we stand strong and focused to further revolutionise this digital sphere and keep Sri Lanka on the map as a star destination in Asia for technology solutions,” said Founder and CEO of Arimac Digital, Chamira Jayasinghe.

The secret ingredient behind Arimac’s success is the diversity of its 230 staff members, who come from all walks of life. From Stanford graduates to those who have not yet completed their academic education, every talented and passionate youth has an equal opportunity at Arimac to showcase and hone their talents, he said.