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Cemex HRM helps companies reduce carbon footprint

26 September, 2021

Digitising time consuming HR processes for over 150 clients, Cemex HRM is now spearheading its commitment to help companies reduce carbon footprint (CFP). Cemex HRM’s software supports HR teams in multiple ways to drive the future of workplace by enabling greener organisations.

Offering a product that is 100% cloud hosted, the digitalised HR system helps automate routine human resource functions, leave, work from home, attendance, recruitment, payroll, appraisal processes and more.

Chief Operating Officer, Cemex HRM, Ms. Yasanthi Bandara said, “Our software reduces heavily paper driven processes as it offers a central point for all HR data, hence cutting down the need for hard copies. We believe that if all companies switch to e-payslips and store all their employee related data digitally, we could contribute towards the go-green initiatives of our clients.”

Cemex HRM software also offers workflow based leave management systems, where line managers and employees can enter data into the system directly ensuring that there is no need to fill any physical paper forms. What’s more, the entire digitised HR process of the employee and HR life cycle, eliminates all needs of having physical files and paper documents. Cemex Software (Pvt) Ltd, is a Microsoft cloud backed digitised workforce collaboration tool that helps businesses to streamline routine HR functions and focus on its core business. The company is backed by their parent company Cenmetrix (Pvt) Ltd, with over 15 years experience.