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Fortude develops analytics platform for AIA

26 September, 2021

AIA, a life insurance company, is expanding the use of analytics to meet its increasing business needs and demands. To provide deeper insights and higher-quality insurance solutions, Fortude, a global technology solutions provider, developed an analytics platform for AIA to enhance their visibility of performance metrics, improve time-to-insight, and securely democratize analytics company-wide.

“One of our goals was to reimagine how we deliver customer service, and the need for a strong data analytics technology stack was key to achieving this,” said Chief Technology Officer, AIA Sri Lanka, Umeshi de Fonseka.

Vice President for Data and AI, Fortude, Gaurika Wijeratne, “We have a dedicated, certified data analytics team that focuses on delivering on Microsoft’s data and AI technologies. The skills we bring in coupled with our customer-focused approach make a difference across our implementations.” AIA selected Microsoft technologies to deliver on their objectives of enhancing security, scalability, and ease-of-use.

The analytics platform was conceptualized, designed and developed using Microsoft’s Azure Data Services. The enterprise business intelligence subsystem was designed and developed using Microsoft Power BI.

Chief Financial Officer, AIA Sri Lanka, Gavin D’Rosairo said, “The Power BI dashboards facilitate fact-based decision making. It helps our teams to focus more on analyzing and understanding Management Information, rather than preparing it. Our teams now have access to visualized and analyzed data for over 55 KPIs based on their unique requirements.

This approach helped deliver a single figure for each KPI and eliminated issues involving reconciling differences in information generated from multiple sources.”