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The Pot Story to boost garden decor

26 September, 2021

Gardening and home improvement have always been healthy hobbies to many. With the current call to stay at home and lockdowns many more people have turned to this creative pastime for good reason. The Pot Story was launched late last year to cater to this discerning customer segment primarily as an online concept. 

Following its success on social media during the early stages, this lifestyle branded retailer has now launched its website where customers can browse over 250 products and place their orders online. Exquisite pots and planters made of terracotta, cement, cane, wrought iron and even pine wood are available.

They are classified under the shape or material for easy navigation across the website. Hand painted pots are the signature range on offer by The Pot Story. Apart from its regular one colour pots, customers can select any of its exclusive designs and even discuss a colour combination of their choice. The recent introduction of the ‘rustic collection’ is an exciting addition to its range of hand painted pots. This range is inspired by Mediterranean designs and colours.

They also have interesting items such as wall art, garden pebbles, cement garden furniture and some very rare items of sculpture to beautify your home and garden. The Pot Story also offers hydroton clay balls which have been scientifically tested and proven to retain the moisture content so that you don’t have to water your plants daily if these attractive clay balls are spread around the plant.

Founder, The Pot Story, Priyanga Hapugalle said that it is an environment-friendly company and the product portfolio does not include any plastic or similar products. “We are also happy that all of our products come from craftsmen around the country who now have a window for their products. He also said that most of these suppliers come down from generations who are renowned for their craft.” 

The terracotta products especially are exquisite productions and depend very much on the hands of skilled artisans. That itself is the very value in these products which can take up to three months to produce.

It is a tedious process from shaping, firing and then drying as its main stages. There are a few variants within this range based on the hand crafted designs and even the special paint that can be used. Then there is the rustic finish which gives these pots a vintage look and feel. They are more expensive as the process needs exposure to natural conditions over a period of time.

“At a time like this we are extremely proud to be able to support these neglected craftsmen from even remote parts of the country and add value to their products. We work closely with them and share some of the contemporary designs for production which eventually become customised products for The Pot Story. Some of these products are limited edition items as we want to retain some exclusivity and innovation in our range,” Hapugalle said.

“Customers interact and place their orders through our social media channels as well as the website. All orders are processed within 2-3 days and The Pot Story offers the convenience of home delivery of orders through its own delivery service and team.

“We don’t rely on external delivery partners as some of the products are very fragile and need special packing and transport. We are also very concerned about the health and safety of the recipients during this pandemic and ensure an effective process of delivery from end to end,” Hapugalle said.

Customers can also pick up from their store in Rajagiriya where most of the items are on display.

While there have been many requests for plants that complement its product range, The Pot Story does not offer such services at present. That should be the interesting part for the customer to mix, match and place its products with or without a plant using their own imagination. However, the team at The Pot Story is always at hand to share ideas and make recommendations. The Pot Story plans to work closely with architects and interior designers and even landscapers. “We already supply a few hotels and commercial properties.” Hapugalle said that the overall mission of The Pot Story is to focus on its product quality and range.