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Graduates’ Association for a generation of entrepreneurial graduates

26 September, 2021

The unemployment problem has become controversial in the country. To solve this decades-long burning issue, many Governments had taken initiatives. Mismatch of the graduates’ skills for current trends is another reason for this tragic situation.

The Government recruited about 60,000 graduates as a remedy to the issue. If regarded from a practical perspective, Universities produce a large number of graduates yearly. It is impossible for any Government to give jobs to all graduates. Be that as it may, it is not a wise move to turn a deaf ear to this issue.

We should not lose the sight of the fact that Sri Lanka had faced many economic problems and internal conflicts due to unemployment. Women’s unemployment rate is higher than the men’s unemployment rate in the country. Considering all these issues, we can come to a conclusion that the entrepreneurship is the engine for any country’ s economy. The Sri Lanka Graduates’ Association has taken steps to fuel the engine for a better generation.

Entrepreneurial graduates

In an interview with the Sunday Observer, Sri Lanka Graduates’ Association Secretary Dinusha Nuwan Bandara revealed the main goals and objectives. As mentioned by him, the Graduates’ Association has expressed their willingness to help the entrepreneurs ensuring their success in the field. “We don’t want to urge the Government to give jobs to the graduates because it is not practical. We don’t want to urge the graduates to launch protests in Colombo, holding up placards because it is absurd. But we want the Government to take due steps to develop the graduates’ entrepreneurial skills for the future employment opportunities.

“It is evident that there will emerge more unemployment problems and unrest among the unemployed graduates in the country due to the pandemic. It is obvious that entrepreneurs play a vital role in the world by creating more job opportunities for the youth and bringing innovation to market. As revealed by Dinusha Nuwan Bandara, the only solution to the unemployment is entrepreneurship. The Government should support an entrepreneurial education system by providing strategic goals.

Problems of students studying abroad

As said by the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Graduates’ Association, Dhananjaya Thelikada Arachchi, those who study abroad have to face many problems as a result of scholarship scams. Many organisations and people who offer scholarships to students don’t take any responsibility for the students’ wellbeing.

The Government should monitor such organisations ensuring the students’ safety. “We know that there can be seen many organisations which exploit students’ enthusiasm in obtaining scholarships. The Government should take steps to monitor such organisations for the betterment of students.


When asked about the vision of the Sri Lanka Graduates’ Association, Secretary Dinusha said, “The graduate youth community is the most crucial factor in determining the future development and growth policy of Sri Lanka. The progress, growth and success of our country depend on their empowerment and their involvement.

The Sri Lanka Graduates’ Association is based on a progressive and decisive commitment to play a central and active role in the development of our country. Our vision includes a practical framework that outlines the future direction, ownership and commitments, aspirations, goals and infrastructure required to empower graduates for the sustainable development of Mother Sri Lanka.”

“We all know that the term ‘Unemployment’ is still in existence. This effort is to eradicate the term ‘unemployment’ from the land of Sri Lanka,” Dinusha said.