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English is the door to the world

26 September, 2021

There are more than 400 languages in the world. Among them are languages known as international languages.English is at the top of that list. English is the most famous and acceoted language among the international languages

People communicate with each other and English is useful for them to communicate.

When we learn English we can improve our vocabulary and writing too. If we know English it will help us when we go to other countries. In our universities too we are taught English. Many advanced books on various subjects are written in English. People communicate all over the world in English.

We are living in an competitive era and thus we need English to meet this competitiveness. Today, we use technology and we need English to handle technology as much of it comes in English.

We need English socially too as much of the interaction in society takes place in English.

There are many books in English. We can learn English in many ways.

It is very true to say that English is the ‘the door to the world,.


Pawani Gunawardana

Grade 11

Vihara Maha Devi Girls’ College