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I am a new born plant

26 September, 2021

 A small boy in Grade five planted me in a clay pot. I was a seed then. First he dug a small pit and put me in it and covered me with soil. I was there for two to three days in the dark. After that I felt a root growing. The next day I felt my body began to split in two. I felt a green leaf coming out of my body and saw the sun’s rays falling on the earth. My body became green gradually.

After a week my body came out of the soil. The boy watered me and my friends every day. One day, I heard the boy say to his mother that I had got a stem too. Now, I’m young and strong. Day by day the number of leaves began to increase. Now, I’m fifteen centimetres tall. I can see butterflies and bees coming in search of nectar. I’m keen to have my own flowers. After two weeks I noticed a small snail creeping towards me. I was afraid of these snails. Fortunately, my gardener came to see me and saw the snail and threw it out of the garden. I’m a well grown plant waiting for my first flower.



Chandu Savinda Kalupahana

Grade 6

Richmond College,