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My riding story

26 September, 2021

Today, we bring you the second article in our three part series on horse riding.

My riding story began when I was eight years old. I have an immense passion for nature and animals, which led me towards creating a community club called ‘Nature Angels’ with five close friends of mine.

Over time, I started to think of taking up riding because after all I do love animals.

Eventually, I got the opportunity to go riding and I still remember my first ride like it was yesterday. I had gone to the stable and I was waiting for my lesson to start with one of the members from ‘Nature Angels’.

I was bursting with excitement, the first horse I ever rode was Coco, a Marwari horse with brown and white spots.

During my first lesson I learned so much, like rising trot, sitting trot and the basics of riding a horse.

Thereafter, I fell in love with horses and that’s how my riding story began and the rest is history.

Horse riding seems effortless than it really is but behind the scenes it is all about developing a bond with the horses and it is one of the most important things about riding.

It is not about how good you are; it is not about being a natural, it is all about the bond you develop with the horse because without that bond you will not be able to become a successful rider, as your horse will not trust you.

What I really like about riding is not only the riding itself, but it is also about the horses and that makes it more enjoyable and I love this the most.

Being around horses makes me euphoric. It has been two years of riding horses and I have gained heaps of experiences.

Reminiscing about my first fun ride on a horse in a park, I never imagined that later I would be riding horses as a sport, and that I would be in love with them. Over the years, I have learned a lot about riding horses, on and off horses.

Did you know that horse riding first began as early as 4,500 BC? And that before people started riding horses, some targeted them as food? But later, there is evidence of the Botai people becoming the first people to tame wild horses!

Over the past few years, I have learnt how to walk, trot, canter, positioning, turn on four quarters, groom horses, clean tack, wash horses and theories on “all about horses”! One of the exciting experiences I have gained is trail riding, which I thoroughly enjoy, and I am anticipating going on a beach ride as well! One of my dreams is to enter the Olympics and perform in front of millions of people! Even though I have a long way to go I am determined to realise my dreamone day.

I also hope to specialise in horse riding and show jumping.

I would like to finish with one my favourite quotes, as this says exactly how I feel about horse riding!

“A horse does not care how much you know until he knows how much care”

- Pat Pearelli

Nyla Fazal

Premadasa Riding School (PRS) and The British School, Colombo (BSC)